Body Treatments
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                 Body Treatments
Therapeutic to the skin and relaxing for the soul

- Algae Body Pack Treatment -
a shower-less service encompassing Laminaria Digitata and
Vitamin C to deliver a detoxifying anti-cellulite effect
- Ultimate Sea-phisticated Detoxifying -
Cellulite Treatment (for the stomach, buttocks, and thighs)
red algae ahnfeldtia - hydrates and increases skin suppleness,
green algae protects against the effects of free radicals while
Brown Algae screnebesmus firms and improves skin



            Icing on the Cake!!!
- Mini - Facial - add on                          $30.00

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- Priced from $9.00 and up -
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  Body Treatments

-Perks up skin color and clarity, unclogs follicles and pores, allows skin to breathe, allows lotions and serums to penetrate
deeper. Improves skin's texture, and increases circulation.


-The body is lightly exfoliated with a salt or sugar mixture, with a soothing circular motion. It is then removed with warm water and
an application of lotion or oil finishes the treatment.
You may also have a wrap incorporated into your treatment. Various serums can be used to combat cellulite, aromatherapy for
relaxation, or a hydrating wrap for dry skin. While you are wrapped you can add a mini facial it's the "Icing On The Cake"!

-Salt glow -

Rejuvenate and refresh tired looking skin. This heavenly treatment lifts and removes dull surface skin cells to reveal fresh, soft
skin. Also enables the skin to more effectively absorb and react to the products used in any wrap treatment. (Please avoid shaving
or waxing prior to this experience.)
Allow up to 45 minutes for this treatment                                        $45.00

- Therapeutic Body wraps -

This wrapping process is designed more for de-stressing and relaxing, re-energizing, or moisturizing. Depending on your mood
or skin condition different types of these wraps are offered. You will relax in comfort in a reclining position on my wrap table and the
appropriate mud or clay will be applied to your body. You will then be covered with solution-soaked wraps, a sheet, thermo therapy
body sheet for warmth, additional blanket if needed to optimize your comfort. Relax and read or simply enjoy your pampering with
soothing music while you are de-stressing. Includes a foot of hand massage with treatment.
Allow up to 90 minutes for this treatment                                         $65.00

-Mini Facial Add On-                                                                              $30.00

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